Alana Oif writes...

Long post alert*

Miracle K9 training was just that–a miracle for our dog Grady. After years of trying literally every therapy, drug, and training tactic, we finally feel like we have our dog back. Grady went through what we deemed a psychotic break almost two years ago and it has been a long, long journey to help him. He was absolutely terrified of ANYTHING that would make a beeping sound which meant he spent almost his entire day hiding, shaking, and trying to crawl through walls if he heard a single beep. He refused to eat, to go on the walks he used to love, and to come downstairs to cuddle with us on the couch. It was incredibly painful and frustrating to watch. Our vet gave up, sent us to a behavioral vet who also gave up and told us the only solution was to heavily medicate Grady for the rest of his life. Even the medicine that we tried (and we were on our sixth one) would work temporarily and wear off. It was the most depressing and disheartening experience to watch our dog suffer.

Miracle K9 was truly our last resort option. I read every review, watched every podcast and video, and knew that if anyone could help Grady, it was this training group. People are very judgmental of using an E-collar However, Let me tell you, there was absolutely NOTHING we could do that would help Grady. Fresh cooked lamb, every toy in the book, all the positive praise and reinforcement in the world would not snap him out of his panic attacks. If you saw our dog, you would have said that letting him live in this panicked state was actually inhumane. If you read about what Miracle K9 training does with the E-collar you will learn that it is simply a tool used to facilitate very effective training and appropriate replacement behaviors.

My husband and I were amazed at the dog we got back. Grady will probably always be an anxious dog, but he is functional and much more relaxed. We can finally take him on walks, go to the park, and have people over. Also, they completely weaned him off his meds!!! We are in absolute amazement. We keep saying we wish we could rewind time and start off with this training group. For now, we just feel very lucky that we found them.

We could not give Miracle K9 Training a higher rating. It was worth EVERY penny.

Thank you to David, Seamus, and the rest of the team!

Margot Kelley writes...

I would (and do) recommend Miracle K9 training to anybody and everybody I meet with (or knows somebody with) a dog. I took my dog, Franklin, to two trainers prior to Miracle, one did absolutely nothing for him and the other helped guide Franklin towards the right track, Miracle provided the knowledge and guidance to make Franklin the dog he is today. Our relationship has improved, Franklin has gained confidence unlike anything I'd seen before from him, and I feel confident that I have the tools and assistance from the staff at Miracle to tackle any issues that may / may not present themselves head on.

Not only do I get compliments about Franklin's behavior everywhere we go – I have a support systems from both friends who have trained at Miracle to the staff themselves. I have texted David on numerous occasions asking for advice on various topics and I am always met with a thoughtful response and a suggestion on how to look into things further on my own, or with David himself.

A few key things Franklin and I have learned from Miracle:

- Basic obedience + how to reinforce commands

- Leash manners (reactivity was a major issue and now we have no issues)

- How to structure his days based on his needs

- How to reframe previously stressful situations and reinforce a more stable mindset

- How to safely interact with new dogs and people

- How to communicate with Franklin on and off leash

- How to set Franklin and myself up for success in new environments and advocate for him in difficult situations

If you are worried about using an e-collar on your dog, I implore you to do your research, ask yourself why and talk to David and the team about how they use the e-collar and other reinforcement techniques to communicate with the dog. My life and Franklin's life are both more calm AND full of life and joy because of the work we did with MiracleK9.

Aaron Parker writes...

We brought our 4 year old male Catahoula to Miracle K9 Training with issues of fear and anxiety biting/nipping. Over the course of a couple years, he nipped and or bit a few people who were guests at our home. Always out of anxiety or fear, not in an aggressive “grab and hold” manner. We spoke with Miracle K9 after the first incident and we decided to try on our own to eliminate the issue. It worked for a while with training at home etc. However, after it happened again we had to make a decision. Re-homing my buddy wasn’t an option I wanted to take, so we decided as a one last effort, to send him to the 4 week board and train.

We could not be happier with the results achieved from Miracle K9 Training and his main trainer Seamus! After his stay, his nervous, protective energy is all but gone, and we are able to have full control over the situations in our home. When we have guests arrive at our house, we put Remi in a bed stay and he does not move until he is told. We have had him in a bed stay for up to an hour and fifty minutes at one point without moving. It is amazing. Out in public he pays no mind to other dogs or people. He walks right next to us and only needs minimal corrections from time to time. His training has even helped the energy of our other two dogs as well, as he was the one to usually get them worked up when barking at passing neighbors. What they were able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. And they saved my friend!!! My only wish is that I would have done it sooner. The tools we were given, helped us get our other two dogs on the same page as well. Their company name says it all, it’s a miracle. If you are considering sending your dog here because of some behavior issues, you won’t be disappointed. I cannot speak highly enough about the whole crew, and would absolutely employ their services again.


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