“What training methods do you use?”

Miracle K9 Training uses “Balanced training methods”. This means that we believe in teaching dogs the concept of yes and no. It is important to establish clarity in our communications with our dogs. Many other trendy training styles will implement one but not the other, leaving our dogs guessing too much and creating more confusion. We use a combination of food and praise to reinforce what it is that we want the dog to do as well as Consequences for dangerous behavior or selective hearing of known commands.

“Why do you use Ecollars?”

Modern day Ecollars are the single most effective tool for empowering owners to be able to have consistent results at home with their dog. Most other training tools or techniques leave a lot of room for inconsistency in use. This creates a dog that may listen better or worse to different people. Ecollars even everything out and give softer owners the ability to handle more difficult dogs with ease.

“Do you offer any sort of guarantee on your training?”

Due to the many factors involved in a dogs success at home, including owner commitment, consistency, and follow through, it is too difficult to offer a 100% guarantee. That being said, ANY of our clients going through our training program have our total commitment to helping them in any way we can to achieve the results they are looking for. We have never had a dog that hasn’t been able to make incredible breakthroughs with us if their owner is willing to put in the work.

“I’ve already been to other trainers and it hasn’t worked. What makes your program more effective?”

Miracle K9 Training’s unique approach to dog training focuses on two very unique things that separate us from the rest and set YOU up for long lasting success with your dog. First is our unique approach to dog training which focuses on only the basics that directly relate to the issues that you are having at home with your dog.

   These philosophies and techniques are broken down into bite sized easy to practice pieces that make it easy to practice. Second is our strong emphasis on client follow up and education. In any of our programs, wether board and train or private lessons, you will receive specialized follow up support both during and after the program. You will have access to your trainers email and personal line which you will be able to reach out to with any questions between sessions or after your program has ended. Our #1 goal is ensuring that you stay successful with your dog for the long term.

“Should I do private lessons or a board and train?”

The choice between private lessons and board and trains is strongly determined on you and your lifestyle. Private lessons are great for the motivated dog owner who has the time and discipline to be consistent as they are going through the early teaching stages. Board and trains, on the other hand, are much more intensive of training programs. Since your dog will be with a trainer 24/7 during his stay with us we will be able to move through things a bit faster and pay attention to some of the little details that add up and make things easier for you when you go to take the leash again. These board and trains can be a great fit for busy households, if you have a long vacation planned, or if you are not confident in your consistency at home. Minor to moderate behavioral issues can be solved in either program but more severe behavioral issues like aggression usually require a board and train. Contact us if you are still on the fence and one of our staff members will help you decide!

“Do you do in home lessons?”

We typically do not do in home lessons. There are a few reasons for this. It is important to be able work through all of the typical stressors and distractions of a new place with new smells, sounds, and things to see. We also have the access to controlled distractions we will need as your dog is moving through their program. If we need dogs we have plenty of them at all stages of training to use as distractions. If we need people we have staff and clients that are always in and out of the facility to work your dog around. If we find ourself moving through the program and seeing that we are not able to resolve the specific issue you are having at home we can then add an in home session but rarely do we find ourselves needing to do that.

“What does my dog do all day during their board and train?”

All dogs that come in for our board and train programs have a very structured day to day schedule that focuses on specific problem behaviors, physical exercise, and mental exercise. At the beginning of the day we do our morning potty runs and feeding. After everyone has been ran and fed we start any morning walks that need done. All dogs get about a 30-45 minute structured walk around the facility. From their we do roughly 4 hours of training sessions where we will focus on socialization, obedience commands, Duration work, and specific behavioral modification. We do our second feeding around 5PM. Finally we end the day with our last evening walk and any final training sessions we need to do before they are kenneled up for the evening.

“Will I see my dog during the board and train?”

We do not do visitations during the board and trains. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure the first interactions that your dog has with you after their stay is as structured and calm as possible. This lets the dog know that the same rules that we implemented with them will apply when they go back home. You will be getting periodic updates through direct contact and social media posts.

“My dog is really aggressive. Can you help him? How will you stay safe while training him?”

We specialize in working with the most challenging dogs out there. If your dog is biting other people we can absolutely still help them. We implement very strict protocols with any aggressive dog that we work with to ensure that your dog as well as our staff stay as safe as absolutely possible. For more severe cases we do require that owners muzzle the dog before bringing them in for additional safety.

“Do you offer multi dog discounts on training?”

Unfortunately we do not offer multi dog discounts on our training programs. Successfully training for a multi dog household is actually significantly more work than training for just one dog. Not only do we need to train them to work individually but we also need to ensure they know how to work together as a unit adding a lot more steps to the process.

“Your programs are expensive. What if I need help right away but can’t afford it yet?”

We accept any major credit cards as well as financing programs like Paypals “Pay it later” option. In special cases we can sometimes arrange a payment plan.

“What if I have to cancel my training program? Will I get a refund?"

We require full payment in order to reserve your dogs attendance in our training program. 25% of the total cost of the training program is nonrefundable. If the program is canceled 30 days or more before the scheduled start date the remaining 75% is refundable. Within the 30 day mark of starting, the full balance is nonrefundable.

“How do I check in on my dog while they are at their board and train program?"

While a dog is in the Board & Train program we make sure our trainers are spending their time focused on training and less on creating Hollywood quality update videos. That being said, we understand clients still want to know how their dogs are doing so clients will still be able to follow their dog’s progress in two ways!

1.       Our trainers will post 3-4 short video clips on our Instagram stories of the Board & Train dogs per week. These will be highlights of things they are working on in training sessions, walks, and play time with other dogs. Remember, the stories stay up for 24 hours so check frequently!

2.       Calls and check ins are encouraged! Clients are more than welcome to call or email us as much as they’d like to check on their dog’s progress, ask any specific training questions, or request a quick picture if they’re missing their furry friend!


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