David - Owner and Training Director

David's dog training story started almost 10 years ago when he got his very first dog, Vera. As someone who has never had dogs growing up and didn't really know what he was doing with one, the first logical step seemed like finding a dog trainer to learn everything he could from. After working with three different dog trainers and working under another for over two years, he started to realize that there was a huge hole in the dog training world for TRUE behavioral rehabilitation.

Shortly after David started his first dog training company, Heights Canine Dog Training, and proceeded to spend the next three years traveling the country to meet other world renowned dog trainers and dedicated himself to creating dog training programs geared towards helping the everyday dog owner to be successful long term with dogs that have more serious behavioral issues. In those three years, David helped to build Heights Canine into a thriving business with three locations across Ohio gaining national recognition for the work they were doing.

In January of 2019, David left the company to scale back and get back to what he loves doing. Training dogs. That’s when he formed Miracle K9 Training. A more specialized dog training facility that was first and FOREMOST, a dog training center. That means more specialized staff, a larger group of trainers, and additionally services like daycare, boarding, and grooming that have an emphasis on keeping the dogs mentally stimulated and structured during their stay here. Over the last 3 years, he has grown Miracle to a thriving 15 person company and one of the most respected dog training centers in the area. He now spends his time training dogs, owners, and other aspiring trainers across the country.

Kayla & Sarah

Kayla, our Facility Manager, and Sarah, our Assistant Manager, utilize their extensive skill sets to keep all of Miracle K9 Training’s day-to-day operations running smoothly and efficiently. Kayla and Sarah provide a unique management style that draws on their careers in the dog, retail, and customer service industries spanning nearly 20 years combined! Kayla comes from a background in management and customer service having previously managed two doggie daycares in the Cleveland area. Sarah comes from a background in management and customer service as well having previously worked in the retail industry. Miracle K9 Training, and your dogs, are in great hands with this skilled, competent, and professional duo.


Michelle - One on One Trainer

Michelle joined the team in the fall of 2021 and brings with her 8 years of experience training dogs professionally. Her passion for animals has been a consistent part of her life having also owned and worked with horses before starting her dog training career. She has four dogs of her own: Cash (Bernedoodle), Lumos (Dutch Shepherd), Snoop (Chihuahua), and Barney (Hound mix). She loves helping dogs and their owners become the best versions of themselves so they can unlock their fullest potential!

Bridget - Lead Board and Train Trainer

Bridget started working for Miracle K9 in 2019 as a socialization specialist but quickly showed a desire to learn more about dog training. She began training and fell in love with the difference training could make in a dogs life. She studied Animal Behavior and Biology at Ohio University and received her degree in 2016. She continues to expand her dog training knowledge everyday. When she’s not training at Miracle, she devotes her time training and rehabilitating foster dogs in her home. Her goals are to help you grow and build a stronger relationship with your dog.

Seamus - Board and Train Trainer

Seamus started working for Miracle K9 in 2020. He has always wanted to work with animals so finding a career here has been an amazing opportunity for him. He graduated Kent State University in 2019 with a degree in Zoology. Shortly after, he worked for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in the Education Department with Birds of Prey. When Seamus took the opportunity at Miracle, he left the Zoo to become a Kennel Technician, eventually moving onto what he knew he wanted to do which is to train dogs. His love for the dogs here shows through his training by the relationships he builds with each dog he meets.

Kennel Technicians

Top - Jada, Gage, Courtney, Stephen
Bottom - Lexi, Senni


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