Trainer and Business Coaching

As a trainer and business owner for almost a decade David has experienced just about all of the hurdles that come with creating and growing a scaleable thriving dog training business.  We chose to offer these programs as a way to help new trainers or business owners sidestep some of the challenges they would typically face, make sure they understand how to create sustainable structure as they grow and expand, and RAPIDLY shorten their learning curve as they start this new adventure.

Shadow Programs:

Own a dog training, boarding, or daycare kennel and looking to improve on your services or day to day operations?  New trainer looking to sharpen up your skills and learn what it takes to make it in this industry?  Our shadow programs could be a great fit for you!  We sell our shadow programs by the day or in five day increments and customize them directly for you.  Each day will be a full 8 hours where you will shadow directly under David and his training staff and have complete access to going over any number of topics you want!

Shadow Per Day:  $300

Shadow For The Week (5 Days):  $1250

Virtual Business And Training Consults:

Live too far away to come for a full shadow or just have individual issues you'd like the one on one time to sit down and discuss?  Virtual consults are the way to go!  You will have one full hour of time with David to get into the weeds of any of your questions or issues where we can help you devise a plan to work through and meet your goals!  We'll make sure to end each call with a detailed plan of action to solve any issues you're working through to make sure we have concrete steps to success.

Hourly Consults:  $200


Overnight boarding for your dog while you are away. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for by qualified staff who will maintain all of your training, structure, and rules so your dog doesn't skip a beat!


Learn about our wide selection of training programs for all of your dogs individual needs. We offer one on one classes and board and train programs to assist in making your dog the most well mannered member of your family that he can be!


Not all daycares are created equal and not all socialization is good! We provide only the highest level of dog on dog interaction while you're at work to make sure your dog comes home happy, tired, and fulfilled!

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message to enquire about our services.


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