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Facility Tour

Front of the facility

The main lobby was designed to make our clients feel comfortable while waiting for services, one on one lessons, drop off or pick up for/from boarding and daycare.

Mural by Derek Brennan

Going into the main training floor, it showcases how we prioritize safety with gates at every entrance point. On the main training floor, we hold daycare on Wednesdays, one on one training sessions and it can also be utilized for our board and train sessions throughout the day if our secondary room is in use. This floor also contains an open area with beds, holding pens and a grooming station.

We offer add on grooming services for any boarding dog as well as a full grooming before a dog's send home that has finished our board and train program.

Our outdoor area is for exercise, fresh air and outdoor play.

Because safety and sanitation is essential at our facility, we have installed synthetic astroturf on the ground throughout our outdoor area as well as a hose with wysiwash to kill any of those germs that could be on the surface.

The upstairs kennel area, where dogs stay that are going through our four week board and train program as well as dogs that have completed any of our training programs that take advantage of our full time boarding services. We use Ruff Land kennels which are extremely sanitary and durable. The benefit of these are for dogs that experience separation anxiety, making it very difficult for them to destroy or escape out of.

Our secondary training floor gives us an opportunity to get other training done whether it’s while daycare is in session downstairs or one on one lessons are happening, it’s great that we can utilize this space.

Lastly, the space where our staff can relax and unwind with amazing artwork surrounding as well as the all around window build.

Mural by The Unruly Type