Nationally recognized training... virtually.

Don’t live locally to our training center in Cleveland, Ohio but still want to take advantage of our nationally recognized training services?  Don’t worry, here are three options for you to get your dog trained by us and be on the track to success!

Virtual Coaching: $150 per hour

You may be wondering how we can help your seriously troubled dog without being there.  As the age old saying goes, “training is more for the owner than it is for the dog”.  In our virtual training calls we are able to take a deep dive into your dog and their behavior, find the root cause of why they are acting the way they are, and give you detailed solutions for addressing those behaviors.  We conduct these virtual calls via zoom.

4 week board and train program with full virtual follow up support:  $4250 and up

Our standard 4 week board and train program can be customized to accommodate our out of town clients.  First, we have the client stay at our training center for 2-3 days on pick up to spend all the time we need to with you before you head back home and ensure YOU are in tip top shape as far as your knowledge of maintaining things.  From there we conduct our full year of follow up support via zoom to make sure you still have the long term guidance needed.

Want a more intensive approach?  You can also add on follow up training IN YOUR HOME post board and train where we travel TO YOU and help transition things further and find tune your dogs behavior.  Contact us for information on pricing for this.

Condensed Weekend Training At Our Facility or IN YOUR HOME:

$2250 at our facility

$4500+ in your home

Looking to be immersed in training your dog for a long weekend?  Our 10 hour one on one program can be customized to fit in a 3-4 day weekend where we work on your specific training goals and behavioral issues (example: 3hours Friday, 3hours Saturday, 2hours Sunday, 2hours Monday).  This program can also be conducted in your home where we travel to you for the training.

Testimonials for Virtual Training

Adam Flack

I'm in the UK and found Miracle K9 and David through Instagram. I was having some issues here with my 2 1/2yr old Border Terrier being uptight and reactive in social situations with other high energy dogs. I had already made a lot of progress on my own, but I wasn't happy with where we were at. Being a follower of David's IG content and listener of his podcast I reached out to find out if he did virtual consultations, which he did.

I was unsure at first how a virtual consult would benefit me given the practical nature of dog training, but I found the consultation to be exactly what I needed. A fresh perspective on our issues, a wealth of knowledge and articulated and explained very well. David recommended me some additional elements of training. These were things I had been hesitant to try myself without professional support. When I raised hypothetical situations that are common arguments against some of the things we discussed, David explained how these really are just hypotheticals and if implemented correctly, would be avoided.

Now some 8 months later, the progress my boy has made in social situations with other dogs is amazing. have the happy outgoing dog I previously knew at 1yr old back, who is easing himself into social situations rather than having his guard up. Thanks David, your support will always be appreciated!

Kayla Pedrolini

Thank you!

I had been following David and Miracle K-9 on social media / following the podcast. I reached out even though I live in Idaho, thinking maybe I would drive her to Ohio or something ... However, David did a one hour virtual session with me and a couple follow up calls, which have helped immensely. Frida has had some issues with dog aggression/ reactivity - I had been to other trainers positive and other. For whatever reason I had a negative connotation with the e collar, but it has changed my life and my dog's life for the better! (Side note * no positive only trainer recommended using kibble / meals for training? Game changer to create motivation and have awesome training sessions without the need for high value treats).

No more laying down in the middle of the road and pretending to cry to get my dog to come to me. Yes, this was me out on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere Idaho - as my dog would come, realize we were leaving and then run away, chase the truck and then run away again. Also me trying to get a deer leg away from her unsuccessfully as she ate the entire thing, yes the entire thing including the bones and hooves.

Now she gets to RUN! She loves to run out in nature and now she gets to do this safely and I don't have to worry, and I barely have to use the e collar because she knows what is expected of her!


Overnight boarding for your dog while you are away. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for by qualified staff who will maintain all of your training, structure, and rules so your dog doesn't skip a beat!


Learn about our wide selection of training programs for all of your dogs individual needs. We offer one on one classes and board and train programs to assist in making your dog the most well mannered member of your family that he can be!


Not all daycares are created equal and not all socialization is good! We provide only the highest level of dog on dog interaction while you're at work to make sure your dog comes home happy, tired, and fulfilled!

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message to enquire about our services.


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