One-On-One Private Lessons

One on one sessions at our facility are a fantastic way to be a bigger part of things from start to finish through the training process.  These are conducted on a weekly basis at our facility where you will work together with a trainer to learn the fundamental skills needed to teach new behaviors and stop problems you may be seeing at home.

10 Session Advanced Obedience / Behavioral Modification Package:  $2250 

*The above price includes one E-collar Technologies brand remote collar which will be provided for you at your first session.*

This program is designed for either the person looking to achieve the highest level of obedience and reliability with their dog OR people who are struggling with more serious behavioral issues with their dog and may not be able to afford our board and train program.  In these 10 sessions we will be training your dog to a more advanced reliability of obedience, proofing things together in more "real world" situations, working around higher distractions, and working to make sure we have complete off leash control.  If you are struggling with more serious behavioral issues we will be making sure we also have additional time to work on these things together.

12 Session Perfect Puppy Program:  $2640 

*The above price includes one E-collar Technologies brand remote collar which will be provided for you at your first session.*

This program is designed to get you off on the right foot and take your puppy from start to finish through EVERYTHING!  Learn all of the do's and don'ts of raising a puppy and building an incredible bond together through training.  In this program we will be covering all general puppy topics like socialization, crate training, potty training, house management, and general behavioral issues.  In addition to that we will be teaching and proofing all basic commands to an off leash level.

THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE PUPPY PROGRAM!  Where most puppies programs out there will require further "adult" training later on, this program is designed to cover everything you should need for the lifetime of the dog.  We space out our sessions to address key training exercises at critical points in your dogs development.  You'll love the dog you're going to have by doing things right RIGHT from the start!

Board And Train Programs

The most effective dog training option that we offer!

Enjoy a well trained dog without interrupting your busy schedule.  In our 4-5 week board and train programs we are able to provide round the clock individual attention, removing bad habits, easing away fear, anxiety, and aggression issues, and setting up a strong lasting routine for you to follow once your dog comes home.  All dogs enrolled in our board and train programs get daily field trips to busy public places, walks, and socialization time with new dogs to make sure everything is reliable no matter the distraction.

Miracle K9 Training specializes in the rehabilitation of extreme behavioral problems and we successfully deal with the most severe cases on a regular basis.  For more severe cases of dog aggression, human aggression, anxiety issues, or if you're just trying to take your training to the level you'd expect one of our trainers dogs to be at we typically require a minimum of 5 weeks.  For less severe behavioral issues or general obedience related goals, most dogs finish just fine in 4 weeks.

4 Week Board And Train:  $4250 

Additional Week If Needed:  $450

*The above price includes one E-collar Technologies brand remote collar which will be provided for you on drop off.*

Follow up support is HUGE for the success of your dog after training with us.  That is why we strive to provide some of the best board and train follow up support in the country.  All board and train programs include 3 hours of coaching at your send home lesson where we will go over giving, commands, enforcing commands, and creating structure in your home to ensure success.  From there we do a one week check in session to make sure everything is on track and any adjustments are made.  Last included is ONE FULL YEAR of follow up support which is in the form of additional follow up sessions as needed and UNLIMITED phone and email support!

Tune Up Training Options

We all know that the human variable is the key to long term success with our dogs. We also know that our lives can get unbelievably busy and hectic resulting in slacking on maintaining our dogs training. If you start noticing things aren't as sharp as it used to be, don't fret! You don't need a full new training program. You just need a quick reset for your dog and a little extra coaching for you. 

The One Week "Reboot" Program: $1050 

Our one week reboot program is a 7 day long stay at our training center where we will be getting your dog back into their forgotten routines and back on track. This program is fully customizable and can target anything from on and off leash obedience training, leash walking, dog reactivity, dog on dog socialization, and public access work. At the end of your dogs short stay we will do two full one on one sessions to get you back in the swing of things as well.

*This program is only available to dogs who have completed any of our complete dog training programs in the past*

Tune Up Group Classes: $45 Per Class

Having a hard time finding a controlled environment to work on your dogs new skills? Want an extra set of eyes on things and to be around like minded owners and trainers? Our group classes can be an awesome way to keep you accountable to pushing yourself and your dog to the next level. These classes are offered to any of our training clients who have finished a program with us and are looking to keep the ball rolling. Perfect for keeping your dog focused and tuned in to you around new people and dogs or to brush up on all of your commands!

*Group classes are held at our facility every Sunday from 10:30AM - 11:30AM and must be reserved in advance. Call (216)-218-3228 or email to reserve!*

Single One-on-One Session Rate: $195 Per Hour

If your dog has completed a full training program with another reputable trainer and you are just looking for a brush up we occasionally accommodate single sessions. This must be pre approved by a trainer on a case by case basis.


Overnight boarding for your dog while you are away. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for by qualified staff who will maintain all of your training, structure, and rules so your dog doesn't skip a beat!


Learn about our wide selection of training programs for all of your dogs individual needs. We offer one on one classes and board and train programs to assist in making your dog the most well mannered member of your family that he can be!


Not all daycares are created equal and not all socialization is good! We provide only the highest level of dog on dog interaction while you're at work to make sure your dog comes home happy, tired, and fulfilled!

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message to enquire about our services.


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