Client Exclusive Overnight Boarding

Busy weekend?  Headed out of town?  Going on vacation?  Miracle K9 Training offers overnight boarding for current or past training clients.  Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your dog is being cared for by trainers who know your rules and structure and can ensure your dog will get the mental engagement that they need to make sure that they come home just as well behaved as when they were dropped off.

All boarding stays include an extended structured walk, a 15 minute training sessions to keep their brain active, and a minimum of 30 minutes of play time with a dog hand selected to meet your dogs individual social needs.  Want a more intensive training session to work on some problem areas?  Add on a training tune up session to work on any specific things you may be struggling with at home.

Overnight Boarding Rate:  $95 Per Night ($70 Extra Per Additional Dog From The Same Household)

*Our boarding service operates like a hotel.  All boarding dogs must be picked up by 12:00PM the following day to avoid being charged an additional night*

Add On Tune Up Session:  $150 Per Session

*If your dog is currently enrolled in a training program or a graduate of any of our private lesson or board and train programs; you are now able to add a full hour long one on one training tune up with one of our Trainers during the day where we can isolate any specific things you would like worked on with your dog while they are here.  Post boarding stay we will fill you in on anything you may need to know to maintain those new skills worked on*


Overnight boarding for your dog while you are away. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for by qualified staff who will maintain all of your training, structure, and rules so your dog doesn't skip a beat!


Learn about our wide selection of training programs for all of your dogs individual needs. We offer one on one classes and board and train programs to assist in making your dog the most well mannered member of your family that he can be!


Not all daycares are created equal and not all socialization is good! We provide only the highest level of dog on dog interaction while you're at work to make sure your dog comes home happy, tired, and fulfilled!

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message to enquire about our services.


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